4 Commonly Asked Questions About Dental Implants  

Dental implants are one of the most popular types of prosthetic teeth available. However, many people who would benefit from dental implants have questions about implants and how they differ from other prosthetic teeth. If you have questions about dental implants, ask your dentist in Las Cruces, NM. We can help! We’re happy to give you more information about dental implants, and we can help you decide if dental implants are right for you. Here’s what you need to know.

1. What are dental implants? How are they different from dentures?

A dental implant is a prosthetic tooth that’s implanted in the jaw and fused to the bone, just like a real tooth. Dental implants are topped by a crown that’s tooth-shaped and custom-made to fit the patient.

This is different from dentures, which are removable.

2. How long do dental implants last?

Dental implants last for decades. Many people who get dental implants have them for the rest of their life, although this depends in part on the age you are when you get your first dental implant.

3. Do dental implants look natural?

Dental implants are designed to look natural. In fact, the crown placed on your dental implant will even be colored like your other teeth, because your dentist will match the color of the crown to the teeth currently in your mouth.

4. How are dental implants maintained?

Dental implants are maintained just like your other teeth. Your dental implant should be brushed twice per day with non-abrasive toothpaste and flossed once per day. See the dentist twice per year, just as you always would.

If you would like more information about dental implants in Las Cruces, NM, call Dental Associates, PA. We can give you more information about dental implants and how they can help you.


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