A Look at the Most Common Misconceptions About Same-Day Crowns

When you have a damaged or imperfect tooth, dental crowns are easily one of the most common restoration options. However, the process of getting a dental crown placed normally takes several appointments. Same-day crowns in Las Cruces, NM allow you to get the crown made on the same day you visit the dentist. However, several misconceptions prevent patients who could benefit from seeking treatment.

Misconception: Same-day crowns are only a temporary fix.

While the crown may be made in a single day, this does not compromise the integrity of the crown itself. The dentist uses state-of-the-art 3D printing technology to create a custom crown that is made of the same materials as a crown that takes longer to produce.

Misconception: Same-day crowns can require all day at the dentist’s office.

The full process usually takes less than a few hours. The dentist will prepare your natural tooth, take measurements, and then the crown is created while you wait. Once the crown is made, it will be installed using the same processes as usual. Most patients are in and out of the office with their new crown relatively quickly.

Misconception: You will pay double for a same-day crown.

The price of all dental crowns varies depending on the type of crown you need, how much prep work is involved, and a few other factors. In some cases, a same-day crown is more cost-effective because it requires fewer repeat visits to the dentist and no need for a temporary crown.

Discuss Same-Day Crowns with a Las Cruces Dentist

The ability to visit a Las Cruces dentist and walk away with a perfectly restored tooth is exceptionally beneficial as a patient. If you believe a same-day crown would be the right decision for you, reach out to the team at Dental Associates, PA to schedule an appointment.

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