CEREC® Crowns

Dental Associates is certified in CEREC® and can provide treatment in just one session. 

CEREC® Crowns

CEREC® – Certified in CEREC –  Treatment in Just One Sessions

If your tooth needs to have its shape, size, strength, or appearance restored, our dentists may recommend a crown. At Dental Associates, we utilize CEREC® technology so we can provide custom dental crowns in just one visit! Dr. Sudimack is CEREC certified so he can provide the best care possible. We invite you to contact our office today to learn more about CEREC in Las Cruces, New Mexico, and to schedule your next visit.

So, what is CEREC?

The acronym “CEREC” stands for “Ceramic Reconstruction.” It is a faster, more comfortable treatment for any type of dental prosthesis, which can be required for any restoration of missing teeth, or parts of teeth. This includes getting a new crown.

Here is how the CEREC Machine Works

  1. Using a camera, the dentist will first scan the inside of your mouth, to be able to see a complete view of the condition of your teeth.
  1. Next, the computer will design a crown based on your scanned photo. Your individual design will get sent to the CEREC machine and gets constructed right in our office.
  1. Finally, the crown gets fitted into your mouth to match perfectly with your natural smile, and you walk out within one hour!

At other dentists’ offices, it takes a minimum of two visits to get a crown; the first visit usually consists of getting anesthesia and an impression. A temporary crown is placed until the dental laboratory creates a permanent crown. On your second visit, your permanent crown will be adjusted and then permanently cemented it into place.

There are some cases where the crown that comes back from the lab doesn’t fit properly and a second impression must be taken. Your crown would essentially be sent back for re-adjustments, and you’d have to schedule a third office visit. By Dental Associates using CEREC technology, we don’t waste your valuable time.

Benefits of CEREC technology

There are numerous benefits to using CEREC technology. Not only is this form of treatment faster and is more comfortable but the time it takes is also to get a crown is greatly reduced.  You get to skip several uncomfortable stages of the process, including receiving injections of anesthesia, having a messy impression made, and making time for follow up appointments.

Using CEREC will save you time and money because the durability of the crown will last years. There will be no dark crown margins, no allergic reactions, plus you’ll have healthier gums!

Contact our office today at 575.522.7320, to schedule an appointment for your next CEREC made crown, conveniently constructed right in our Las Cruces office.

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