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Dental Associates invites you to read our testimonials to discover why our patients choose us as the best dentist in Las Cruces. Dr. Sudimack is committed to providing you with the highest level of dental care in a warm, inviting environment. Call us today at Dental Associates, PA to learn more and to schedule your visit!

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Dear Dr. Sudimack and Mona, You and Mona are a great time! I haven’t had any swelling, nor have I taken a pill for the pain. I was even able to have my short gin and tonic that I have at our cocktail hour every day at 4:30. I’ll recommend you, but most of my friends are your patients. Thank you again.

Corinne M.

I have worked in a dental practice, and I know what to expect. Employees are friendly and professional. They have been our family dentists since moving to Las Cruces thirteen years ago. They have the most integrity of any dentist I have ever known. I recommend them to all seeking a dentist.

Sally C.

Excellent Service, friendly to all. Only dentists I would use in Las Cruces. Have been a patient for over 30 years.

Cynthia A.

Customer since 1996

Excellent experience! Everyone in the office is kind and caring! I was in the office for 2 hours and came home with my crown in place. The crown fit perfectly and Dr. Sudimack made sure everything was correct before I left.

Kim A.

Customer since 1999

Dental Associates is a top-notch organization — from the coordinated colors of uniforms to the colorful decoration, but most of all to the A-1 staff and dentists. I always feel good after I leave — especially if I have no new cavities!

Norine D.

Customer since 2012

The recent visit to Dental Associates was, as usual, very pleasant. The level of professionalism is only exceeded by the caring, friendly attitude from everyone beginning at the front door and to the chair. Friendliness makes the difference and ability to converse and assist in any decisions required are so very much appreciated.

Ronald W.

Customer since 2015

You will never despise going to the dentist again. Everyone at Dental Associates is very friendly and professional.

Dillan R.

Customer since 2016

As a reluctant patient for dental work, I am extremely pleased to report the tender loving care I received from the entire staff. Everyone is willing to explain procedures and outcomes to me as well as measures to reduce fear and pain. I am caring for my teeth and mouth in a conscientious manner; something I neglected to do for years given my reluctance to keep routine dental visits. As a senior citizen now my teeth are in the best shape ever.

Judy C.

Customer since 2014

After 35 years I just keep coming back—you are number one. Keep up the outstanding work.

Terry A.

Verified customer

Friendly, informative and quick customer response to costumer’s needs.

David C.

Customer since 2015

The dentists and staff are very friendly and upbeat. I like to be around the kind of atmosphere present in their office. I fell they are very skillful in the practice of dentistry and recommend them highly.

Thomas G.

Customer since 2009

Outstanding and punctual professional dental care in a relaxing aesthetically very pleasing ambiance having the added benefit of entertainment by rambunctious canines playing in the rear patio.

Craig Ricketts