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Oral Piercing Dangers

Apr 24, 2018 | News

Are you considering getting an oral piercing? If so, our dentists encourage you to think twice. Oral piercings can damage your smile in more ways than you might realize. In fact, they can be quite a danger to your teeth and gums. Some dangers of oral piercings include:

-Infection, pain and swelling: Your mouth is a very moist environment that is home to high amounts of bacteria. If your piercing gets infected, it can be life-threatening quickly. It can also make the tongue swell, which can block the airway.

-Damage to the teeth and gums: A piercing can rub against the teeth and gums and wear them down and even irritate them. This can cause tooth fractures and even receded gums. If you have the habit of biting or chewing on the piercing, there is a chance you can break and scratch the teeth as well.

-Damaged nerves: Sometimes the piercing causes a numb tongue because of nerve damage. This is usually temporary, but it is sometimes permanent. This can affect your sense of taste, your speech and how you move your mouth. It can also cause blood loss if you suffer tongue blood tissue damage.

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